Our Mission:

Document 1,000,000 Real Stories of Good Deeds with using a Global Kindness Game and Create a wave of positive news!

Together we’ll spread the word – KINDNESS HEALS THE WORLD

1,000,000 Acts of Kindness Project

Tired of seeing nothing but screens (or people staring at them)?
Seen enough bad news about war and violence?
Starting to lose faith in humanity?…

Not so fast!

Human beings are amazing, if we just give ourselves a chance!

Working together and helping each other, is our nature. This is how we survive, and how we THRIVE as a species.


In the mass media, we are confronted by stories of war, violence and corruption all day long.
Social media is mostly focused on presenting individual achievements and self-marketing.
This is how we have been programed to think the world is a violent and dangerous place and that we need to take advantage of others to survive.

This is why we neglect to see the good things are happening around us all the time, and why we miss the everyday opportunities to make things better ourselves.

But our nature is to help each other.
It’s time for us to have the option to see some REAL GOOD NEWS about humanity.
And to create much more good news, together.


What would the world look like if we added 1,000,000 (ONE MILLIONׁ) acts of kindness or more, and let everyone know about it?

Kindness can be anything from helping an old lady across the street to bringing food for a sick freind or leaving a surprise gift for a stranger out on the street, maybe planting a flower where people can see it to bring beauty the world, or reaching out to connect to make someones day brighter.  Sometime the kindness thing can be a smile!

Many of us have been told not to show off and to do our good deeds and to keep them to ourselves.  Most of us are too humble to share our most beautiful moments (you can write anonomous stories in the game JFYI) but look where this has gotten us!  Without the good stories all we have left is news about war and violence.  We need to bring the good stories back!  We need to focus on what makes us special!

What would happen if we started to focus on the moments of connection, kindness and hope in the world, and began teaching our children and leaders these important lessons?

Let’s find out together!


We will do this using our exciting interactive kindness-cards along with a fun new app, which will include games like kindness missions, along with inspiration and fun ideas for your kind acts.
Our app will allow you to document a story about your good deed, pin it on a world map along with the 999,999 other good acts. You can also pass the card to another person and create chains of kindness!

So how about some real good news of real stories written by real people about real, amazing life experiences and moments of connection… Real news that is focused on positive actions! News that is focused on kindness and good deeds!

This is the news we need to read!

Join us! Together We will change the World!


What are we doing at the Canada Kindness Center?

The first Canada Kindness Center in Jerusalem is bringing Kindness to the heart of one of the most conflicted places in the world! 
If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere!

Gamifying kindness – We are creating kind acts, documenting them, and spreading them around the world using our exciting new game technology!  Imagine a game that connects people and good stories together all around the world in a fun and interactive way and shows those stories and connection on a world map where you can zoom in and read the stories and follow the connections!

Educational work – We are compiling, creating and sending out education kits to classrooms all around the world to teach our children about the value of kindness and to educate them in the value of working together to accomplish their goals.  Imagine a generation of people who know how to work together to accomplish their common goals and a generation that knows the value to kindness!  What a world it would be!

Connecting – We are helping support, connect and empower entrepreneurs of all types to create better businesses.  Businesses which improve our family and community life and that are design with us, humans, in mind.  Businesses that help create a better world for us and for those who follow after us!  Imagine a world full of good business which by design are working towards making life better for all of us!

We are custom designing our app and kindness game to work with schools, municipalities, cities and organizations to introduce a new fun way to improve peoples connections and community life.  Imagine a game that gets people out to meet their neighbours or introduce themselves to new people.  Imagine a game that makes you feel better about your life and about the world around you! Imagine a game that gets you to engage with the real world around you!


We are writing our own news stories. We are creating a new way of looking at our news.  We are compiling and creating REAL NEWS STORIES of acts of kindness happening all around the world!  Instead of waking up every morning and watching CNN or reading the newspaper to see all of the bad things happening halfway around the world wouldn’t it be better to wake up and to read the real stories of kindness that happened in your own backyard? Isn’t this the real news?

Join us today in creating a new world! Its up to you and to me to bring kindness back to our world!

Creating New Media

Our amazing Good Cards allow us to record acts of kindness and create chains of acts of kindness that spread around the world! We are working to create a platform of REAL NEWS STORIES that are fun and empowering to read and that are written by people like you and like me.

Education for a New World

We are creating and sending out classroom kits for teaching kindness to our children all around the world! We are educating the next generation about the values of kindness and tolerance and about how to work together to achieve our goals.

Empowering Kind Businesses

We are helping support, connect and empower kind businesses of all types. Businesses that are designed to create a better world for us and for those who follow after us!

Gamifying Kindness

We are creating interactive global games designed to bring the awareness of kindness and community back to our schools, communities, workplaces and businesses!  

How do the Good Cards work?

Our Good Cards are an amazing new technology that, when coupled with the app, allows us to create and document our own stories of kindness and to connect our stories together in a fun and engaging way that allows us to see how one act of kindness can spread around the world.  The app allows us to see the kind acts on a world map and to zoom in and read the stories of kindness.  The app also send us on missions and quests to bring kindness back to our lives, to the lives of those around us and the world upon which we live.  The game creates a fun and interactive way to engage with the world around you.

Where ever you are in the world you can participate in this fun and engaging program to create a new media of kindness made up of real new stories written by real people like you and like me!

Instead of waking up every morning and watching CNN or reading the newspaper to see all of the bad things happening halfway around the world wouldn’t it be better to wake up and to read the real stories of kindness that happened in your own backyard? Isn’t this the real news?

Join the game today! Lets create real news together!

How Can I Participate in Bringing Kindness Back to the World?

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world there is kindness happening all around you. We have just been trained by the media to focus on the bad things happening halfway around the world and to not see the beauty that exists right in front of our faces.  Because of the current state of the media, we have begun to believe that the world is a scary and dangerous place when in fact we dwell in the Garden of Eden.  It is up to us to shift our focus onto what we wish to see in the world.  It is up to us to see whatever world we want to see.   We see a world of kindness in front of us.  What do you see?

We have many opportunities everyday to be kind.  We just need to focus on them.  We all have opportunities to be kinder to ourselves and kinder to the world around us.  We also can begin to notice that moments of kindness happen to most of us all day long but we seem to overlook those moments because of the chaos of the day.  Its time to bring our ability to focus back to our awareness and to use this ability to create a better world together!

There are many ways that you can participate where ever you are in the world but a great start is to like and share our facebook page and to join our campaign to create 1,000,000 documented acts of kindness.  It is up to us to choose to see the world we wish to see!

About Us

We are Orya and Kevin.  We have been traveling around this small country of Israel for the past 7 years, meeting all types of people from all around the world and helping out with all types of projects and dreams to make the world a better place.  For the past 7 years we have researched human connections in a close and intimate way by participating to help people’s dreams come true.  Our unique journeys have taught us the value of what is truly important in life and we wish to share these beautiful lessons of our journeys. 

We have decided to take our vision of a better world and to establish it with the first Canada Kindness Center in Jerusalem. Using Kevin’s history of entrepreneurship and business background and Luce’s degree in media and arts we have come together with our idea to make the world a better place by starting the 1,000,000 Acts of Kindness project.  It is the beginning of our dream of a better world!

We are working with an amazing team of blessed souls who have come together to make this vision a reality in the hope of creating a better world!

With all of our love and blessings from Jerusalem!

Kevin and Orya

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