Stay Tru Farm Autonomous Communities Project

Wow what a Biblical ride this project was! It is an amazing project and truly offers the answers to desperately needed solutions for a changing world.

I have a lot of amazing stories to share about this one! I met and worked with rabbi’s and kings and lived with princes and a biblical flock of sheep with 6 horns for a couple of years while developing this project.

I was taken through an amazing experience that a little farm boy from Punnichy Saskatchewan could not have ever imagined! I will be sharing more of the stories of my amazing 7 year journey in this land of Israel on our Canada Kindness patreon page at

I am excited to make this journey with all of you!

After being in Israel for a few years an idea came to me that I needed to set up a retreat center here.  It seemed like an odd idea but it slowly took shape into a truly magical adventure, with the potential to change the world!
It came to me that all of us spend the majority of our mind energy and thoughts thinking about fear based concepts of the future.  Will there be enough money for me to retire, to put my children through school, will my stocks go up or down, will I be able to pay my rent and electricity bills this month?  These kind of thoughts consume the majority of the mind power of us as humans.  It is what drives us to get jobs, to go to school and inevitably to compromise on our dreams.
But what if it didn't need to be like this?  What if we could create spaces here in the world where the human mind could be free of thoughts of worry?  What if we could create truly free spaces?  What would happen?  What would the human mind be capable of if all of its creations were based in the concept of abundance with no worries whatsoever?
Many people think that we would all just become lazy and do nothing.  Maybe this would be so.  But what I have observed is the opposite.   I have had the chance to explore these fringe areas of thought in the world and have found that when people disengage from the system they begin to dream of ways to make the world better. 
 It is actually just a natural occurrence.  Once people let go of the idea of having to make money to survive their minds automatically begin to think of ways to make the world a better place.  They start decorating or working with plants.  They begin making art and expressing themselves in beautiful and creative ways.  We naturally long to make our world and more beautiful place and to share the joys of our world with others.  This is our natural state as humans.
So somehow life bestowed upon me a few yurts.  Yurts are mongolian houses.  My idea was that I thought I would get one and set it up on a friends farm for a rent free option to live while I was here (at this point I had been stuck in Israel for almost 4 years and I was not allowed to work or to have any status here at all).  I found an ad for some old yurts for sale.  Someone had a vacation rental spot and used to have the yurts as vacation rentals.  Like a little apartment complex made out of yurts.  So I went to get one yurt.  While I was dismantling the yurt the thought came to me that I needed to get all of them and to start a retreat space.  
Odd thought, but as all thoughts here in this special land go the way seemed to open before me.  Within a few months I found myself with about 6 yurts and spare parts and sinks and tables and about 4 semi trucks full of things.  Ohhhh my.  What was I thinking?  Now what?
So now I have truckloads of yurts but no where to put them.  This is where Rabbi Harry comes into the picture.  Rabbi Harry had a property in the Jordan Valley which he had purchased because his studies had convinced him that the Jordan valley was where the Garden of Eden would return to the earth first.  Garden of Eden?  Sounds great!  We came together.  Rabbi Harry had the land and I somehow had all of these yurts.   
This connection began a 2 year long journey of creating a template for autonomous communities in the world and of fulfilling some of the ancient prophecies of the past in the most unexpected of ways.
The project was about using technology and wisdom of the past to create a template where communities could come to find ideas about how to become fully self sufficient.  Using fringe technologies that already existed, we found that we could create communities which could generate their own power and produce their own water and food and have a system of social sharing which would make it a free space for anyone living in them.  
We created a template for a community where the minds of man could be free from thoughts of worry or lack.  Spaces where everything would be provided to sustain life.  Spaces where the human mind could be free to do whatever it wanted to do.  Spaces of pure creation, beauty, art, music and connection.  
During our time together we met with Kings and princes.  We partnered with the Black Hebrew community in Dimona and lived with some of the most amazing people the world has created.  We had biblical 6 horned sheep which were called Jacobs sheep, brought from Canada of all places, return to Israel for the first time in thousands of years land in our backyard, fulfilling biblical prophecies.  We met with leaders from around the world and worked to reunite the lost tribe of Israel and to full fill the prophecies of the return of the Garden of Eden to the world.
This video is a brief outline of the concept.  The stories during these 2 years were magical and unparalleled.  They were truly biblical.  Almost unimaginable for a small town farm boy from Punnichy, Saskachewan.  What an adventure.  I will share more of these stories as time goes on.  
Enjoy the video!